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How to have a zero-waste Christmas this year

Christmas is the season of joy. We eat lots, spend time with our loved ones, give and receive presents, however unfortunately the statistics tell us that year after year Christmas contributes to a lot of waste and pollution as we consume more and resources, so this year here are our top three tips on how to make Christmas more Eco-friendly, saving you money and the planet’s precious resources.


Who doesn’t love a good Christmas dinner? All those mince pies, roast parsnips, cranberry sauce, massive roast and Christmas pudding. However, our Christmas food waste contributes significantly to greenhouse gases emissions. This is because a lot of energy is needed to get food onto our dinner tables and throwing food out leads to a waste of this energy.

Tips to reduce food wastage include planning so you don’t buy more than your family needs. Freezing your leftovers and if you have bought too many food items always keep in mind local foodbanks which are in desperate need for extra support from the local community, especially this time of year.


Sometimes, it is so much easier to find and buy a gift online. With the ease of the internet, you can find the perfect gift in seconds, pay online and have it delivered to your doorstep. No need to spend hours at the shop looking for that pesky present. Besides saving time, online shopping can also be better for the environment if you consider factors like having a physical store open (electricity and heating) and driving to the store (fuel).

Look to support small local businesses, that can deliver locally to you. This could be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and getting a gift that is handmade. Every year tons of plastic gets imported from China into the UK only to find its way to the land field a couple months later.

These are a few tips to reduce our environmental footprint:

  • Choosing standard delivery instead of express delivery – this allows parcels to be transported on lorries that are fully loaded
  • Consider shopping online from local small businesses that can deliver locally 
  • Buy with intent – meaning don’t buy just to buy, sit down and take time to think of what the other person would like and appreciate.


Every year our landfills get filled up with our Christmas wrapping paper, so this year what about doing something different? Instead of going out to purchase wrapping paper, do it yourself! If you have newspaper, or brown wrapping paper, use that – it is also a good way to make use of it and you can decorate it with colour pens, bows and personal messages. Don’t forget to keep any ribbons or nice packaging you receive; you can reuse them next year!

Enjoy! And have a fantastic Christmas from our heart to yours.


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